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Mola is a serif text family with a renaissance (old-style) look and with a significantly elevated x-height. It was designed for text while retaining characteristics to its origins of the First Mexican Flag. Mola has a style inspired by the characteristics of the community handwriting spirit while maintaining an elegant posture. The typeface celebrates the community of Los Angeles, its murals, and México's history of the Virgen de Guadalupe.

Tacos Ave 26



Carta Blanca


Chalino Sanchez


Orale, mi hijo, this is
Quetzalcoatl, the great
Aztec poet king.

By Jesús Helgura

He ruled the kingdom of
Aztlan... that was from
Mexico all the way up
here to Califas.


Blood in Blood out (1993)
00 : 08 minutes : 03 seconds 




In lak’ ech

Yo soy tu otro tu

I am another you

Hala ken

Tú eres mi otro yo

as you are another me

Special Thank You

Greg Lindy (Lux Typo) and Rolando Castillo (Designer)




An identity for the 2026 FIFA World Cup hosted by the United States inspired by how diverse, global, and unique soccer can be within different cultures. Highlighting the vernacular history of soccer and typography. The identity also explores the ideas, values, and emotions of what it means to be, not only a player, but also a fan of this beautiful game.

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The Museum identity focuses on the community, the representation of soccer, and highlighting how global soccer can be. The design’s foundation is constructed by abstracting the graphic elements and composition of a soccer pitch creating a window of knowledge.

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A proposed short by NIKE presenting the Mexico Men’s National Team for the 2026 World Cup in the United States. Inspired by the cross-cultural perspective of many immigrants in the city of Los Angeles raised by multiple cultures, traditions, and sounds.

Worked with the Design Team to develop an identity system inspired by its environment including Architecture.The Identity system needed to stay within the graphic language of ArtCenter but exist as its own.

We celebrated the history of the institution as well as the library in a brand release event for all students, staff and friends.

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Pueblo Sonidero: Transnacional Sounds from México is a book that celebrates the history of Sonidero culture in México City, Monterrey, and other cities in México. The book speaks about the origins of Cumbia dating back to its original migration from Africa, its migration routes, and the influence it’s had on the community and sound since.

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Is based on the migrating paths of Cumbia focusing on Mexico City and Monterrey. The viewer is transported by a turntable that allows them to modify the tempo in a song, taking them from Colombia to Mexico City to Monterrey as these places have lowered the tempo to slow the dance and even time. The installation also celebrates one of the great Sonidero masters of Monterrey, El Señor Don Gabriel Dueñez, also known as Sonido Dueñez and Cumbias Rebajadas (chopped and screwed Cumbias)

MOLA is an image-based publication dedicated to preserve murals of the Virgen de Guadalupe and to share her history in Los Angeles, which was once known as Nuestra Señora Reina de Los Ángeles.

The publication shares the stories of the Virgen de Guadalupe, her murals, the artists, and the immigrant community in the city of Los Angeles.

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The Identity focuses on the sneaker history revolving around sports and its graphic elements including scoreboard and typefaces that held names of the greatest athletes, such as Michael Jordan. The identity also helps to expand the community who share a common language in the sneaker world.

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Custom typefaces created for various projects inspired by Los Angeles, culture, and traditions. From a variable font to a deconstructed grotesque I have found myself in love with creating forms and language in typography.

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Is a collection of work produced in time that may or may not have seen the light of day. Memories is a place in space where I keep some work I personally enjoy doing such as photography, drawing, print, and videography.

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